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Aerial image of the off-tank footprints, blinding concrete and ring beam foundation frameworks

Client name: Crowley Maritime Coporation

Location: Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Total project value: $270K

Duration: 2021 – 2023

Services provided:

  • A geotechnical site investigation by Tetra Tech Coffey which included a drilling and test pitting program to determine which areas of the site required ground improvement to prevent excessive settlement of the large 30ML fuel tanks
  • A feature survey to allow future detail design of earthworks
  • Environmental Impact Assessment by Pritchard Francis to initiate the 5-month environmental permitting process with the Northern Territory Government EPA and other government and local agencies to enable approvals to be given by the beginning of October 2021 to allow commencement of the project on site

Jet Fuel Storage Facility

Tetra Tech Proteus has teamed up with civil and structural engineering consultant Prichard Francis to assist Crowley Government Services, who have awarded the construction tender for the $270M fuel storage facility in Darwin, Northern Territory to support US defence operations.

With a capacity of 300 million litres, fuel storage facilities will have capabilities to receive, store, protect, and ship aviation grade JP-5 turbine fuel and commercial grade Jet A-1 fuel. On completion, it will be the largest fuel storage project in the Northern Territory.

During the Phase I works, the Tetra Tech team (Proteus & Coffey) identified the pre-award critical path activities needed to be undertaken to meet the very tight 2-year construction schedule to have the facility ready to receive fuel.

Tetra Tech Proteus and Pritchard Francis collaborated to undertake Phase II works.

Alongside Phase II works, we are continuing to work with Crowley to undertake further phases of the project.

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