For more than 30 years Tetra Tech Proteus’ engineering expertise has benefited the resources, energy, water, infrastructure, building, and transport sectors.

Our highly experienced, multidisciplinary engineering team creates clear solutions for complex problems across all phases of a project’s lifecycle. From identification and feasibility through construction to project completion, asset management and operation, our engineers collaborate with you to ensure all your needs are met.

Tetra Tech Proteus uses the latest technology and analysis – including geotechnical analysis of soil and structural interactions – to optimise design and reduce costs.

We have a strong focus on constructability and temporary works. Our involvement throughout the construction phase ensures you achieve a safe, compliant design because we manage risk by tackling issues as they arise so they cannot escalate.

We’ll work in partnership with you to assess your site, project goals, and risk, and then deliver cost-effective, feasible designs to bring your vision to life.​

For more information about our Engineering services contact Greg Campbell at or phone+ 61 8 6218 2300

Civil and architectural

Civil and architectural engineering

We support government and private sector projects with the full gamut of civil and architectural engineering services.

Tetra Tech Proteus is highly experienced in all phases of planning, design, construction, and operation coordination for new construction projects as well as complex and multi-phase infrastructure repair. We also design retrofits and additions in heavy industrial and manufacturing settings.

Our projects also incorporate resilience features to support efficient asset management. Specialist services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Engineering design, engineering drafting and documentation
  • Capital cost estimates
  • Master program and construction program scheduling
  • Coordination of statutory submissions, compliance, approvals and certification
  • Procurement and contracts
  • Construction management
  • Commissioning and handover to operations

For more information about our Civil Engineering services contact Dan Scott at or phone+ 61 8 6218 2300

For more information about our Architectural Engineering services contact Michael Rodrigo at or phone+ 61 8 6218 2300

Electrical, instrumentation and controls

Electrical, instrumentation and controls engineering services

Tetra Tech Proteus undertakes electrical, controls and instrumentation design work to create a safe, comfortable, and ecologically sound building environment for both greenfields and brownfields sites.

For more information about our Electrical engineering services contact Zvon Ponos, or phone + 61 8 6218 2300

Our detailed site investigations and assessment of existing infrastructure prior to design, combine later with fully checked detailed design, to achieve highly efficient construction and commissioning outcomes.

Design tools

  • DigSilent PowerFactory
  • ETAP
  • PowerCAD

Electrical instrumentation
Our work modifying and replacing high- and low-voltage switchgear, substations, generation and other electrical infrastructure includes:

  • Engineering and design for motor control centres, switchboards, process control, earthing and lighting and lighting protection systems
  • Detailed technical and functional specifications for all electrical and instrument systems
  • Arc-flash calculations, and design of mitigation methods
  • Equipment lists, instrument lists, cable schedules, load lists
  • Procurement support includes scope of work, tendering evaluation and recommendation, technical oversight, factory acceptance testing
  • Construction support including scope of work preparation, onsite and offsite engineering support for commissioning

Control systems

  • Functional specifications
  • PLC, DCS and SCADA system specification and selection, and PLC/DCS system design and testing
  • Equipment selection including drives, instruments, valves and control systems
  • Cabled and wireless communications network designs

Specialist services

  • Brownfields upgrades and operations support
  • Dry and wet commissioning
  • Load and fault-level studies and power system modelling
  • Protection system studies and settings
  • Safety and hazardous area auditing and design
  • HAZID and SIL studies

Process and chemical engineering

Process and chemical engineering

Tetra Tech Proteus has outstanding experience in the mining and mineral processing industry including operations management, technical management, commissioning management and design.

Study development and project execution

Our team manages all studies from initial concept through to final detailed design and we have wide experience in scoping, pre-feasibility, and ‘bankable’ or definitive feasibility studies. These support our key competencies in:

  • Project execution planning
  • Front-end engineering design and detailed design
  • Construction and commissioning support

Process design

We provide all aspects of process design and flowsheet optimisation including:

  • Developing, managing and supervising test work programs and requirements
  • Design criteria development
  • Flowsheet conceptualisation, and process flow diagrams
  • Process control, ‘de-bottlenecking’ and operating philosophies
  • Piping and instrumentation diagrams
  • Dynamic Process Modelling

We have deep expertise in developing and implementing facilities and concepts for projects in commodities:

  • Iron ore
  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Rare earth metals
  • Mineral sands
  • Pyrometallurgy – smelting

Review facilitation

We are experienced in facilitating:

  • Safety in design
  • HAZIDs

For more information please contact Greg Campbell at or phone+ 61 8 6218 2300

Mechanical and piping

Mechanical and piping engineering

Understanding the end-to-end supply chain ensures we can assess and design specifications for materials handling from concept to detailed level.

A dedicated Mechanical Engineering Group within Tetra Tech Proteus combines experience in mining, minerals processing, chemical plant and piping system design for diverse commodities from iron ore to rare earths.

Our understanding of the end-to-end supply chain ensures we can assess and design specifications for materials handling infrastructure from concept through to detailed level.

Both hydraulic design engineering and piping and pipeline design are core expertise at Tetra Tech Proteus so we can address our clients’ challenges and deliver optimal solutions.


Our solutions for materials handling projects have included rail car dumpers, conveyors and feeders, hoppers, transfer stations, sample stations, and screening facilities:

  • Specifying, designing conveyor layouts; optimising feed-to-transfer points, mapping material flow with Discrete Element Method software​
  • Conveyor capacity simulations give clients a tool to safely maximise capacity
  • Process plant – siting and sizing, plant layout, equipment and piping.

Shutdown planning

Our shutdown engineers​ provide detailed planning services:

  • Design and constructability reviews are tailored to each project
  • Selecting contractors plus technical guidance throughout shutdown.​

Incident support 

  • Dedicated incident experts respond to anything unforeseen.
  • Sustaining capital project support​.
  • Experienced personnel to support site-based projects.  ​

Pipeline design

Tailings disposal services include:

  • Facility siting and sizing, and geotechnical evaluations
  • Permitting, baseline and water balance studies
  • Hydraulic engineering, slurry and water return pipeline design
  • Construction drawings, bid packages plus construction management and quality assurance.

For more information about our services contact Kevin Brown at or phone+ 61 8 6218 2300


Structural engineering

Offering the advantages of plant space design technology in all our structural design work.

Our structural engineering designs are optimised by cutting-edge software and systems.  As leading users of plant space design technology, all Tetra Tech Proteus designs are modelled in 3D to achieve industry-acknowledged advantages, including:

  • Multi-disciplinary integration
  • Assistance for safety, risk and constructability reviews
  • Accurate fabrication drawings due to electronic interfacing with shop detailers.

Reinforced and pre-stressed concrete

  • Foundations
  • Retaining walls
  • Slabs on ground
  • Ring beams
  • Bridge design

Structural steelwork

  • Process plant equipment structures and buildings
  • Pipe racks
  • Bridge design

Construction support

  • Specifications and scopes of works
  • Technical bid evaluations
  • Scheduling
  • Inspection and testing procedures, and construction inspections

Temporary works

  • Scaffolding design
  • Temporary retaining walls
  • Lifting design and crane pad design

Geotechnical structures

  • Retaining walls, slope stability
  • Foundations, slabs on ground, basements
  • Soil and rock anchors

Finite element analysis

  • Complex structures
  • Thermal and failure analyses
  • Dynamic design (crushers, screens, pump foundations)
  • Bins, silos, hoppers, tanks and plate structures
  • Cranes, monorails and lifting equipment

For more information about our Structural Engineering services contact Brett Gray at or phone+ 61 8 6218 2300

Expert Witness

Expert Witness


Tetra Tech Proteus offers independent review and investigation of claims or defenses in legal matters relating to civil and structural matters.


Our specialists can provide expert witness reports and expert evidence across our services offerings including site investigations, forensic analysis, material testing, code compliance and legal reporting.


This can include specific input to dispute resolution or arbitration processes as well as assessment of any legal challenges related to ground engineering.


Our expert capabilities include:

  • Steel, Concrete and Timber Structures
  • Temporary Works and Demolition
  • Geotechnical Structures (Foundations, Slabs, Footings, Retaining Walls)
  • Tank and Vessel Design
  • Mining and Oil & Gas Industry
  • Roads, Bridges & Infrastructure
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Vibration and Dynamic Design


If you are in need of an expert witness please contact our Principal Civil/Structure Engineer, Lonnie Pack at