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Client name: Salt Lake Potash Ltd

Location: Wiluna, Western Australia

Duration:  2019 – 2021

Services provided:

  • Review of existing geotechnical data
  • Specification and supervision of geotechnical investigations, reporting and specification and coordination of laboratory testing
  • Data interpretation, geotechnical engineering analysis and design
  • Seepage modelling and pond seepage estimates
  • Provision drawings, specifications, design reports, material take-offs and associated deliverables for the pond and trench designs
  • Input into and review of pond operation and maintenance manual
  • Paleochannel abstraction bore pump stations
  • Bore pump stations overland piping network
  • On-lake transfer pump stations
  • Trench abstraction pump stations (trench to Halite ponds)
  • Halite to Kainite transfer pump stations
  • Kainite to Carnallite transfer pump stations
  • Carnallite to Bitterns transfer pump stations
  • Design of associated pipelines and infrastructure
  • Provision PFDs, final P&IDs, drawings, specifications, and equipment/instrument datasheets
  • Construction support

Lake Way Brine Transfer System

Salt Lake Potash Ltd (S04) engaged Tetra Tech Proteus for the detailed design and development of the Lake Way 200ktpa SOP Project. The on-lake Brine Transfer System (BTS) abstracts approximately 23 GL of brine per year from bores and trenches at Lake Way and transfer the brine through an evaporation pond network.

The project extracts potassium-rich groundwater from 14 paleochannel bores and about 130 km of shallow trenches, to supply the brine to 1200 hectare (12 million m2) of solar evaporation ponds. A combination of pumped transfer system and open channels is used to move brine between trenches and the various ponds.

This scope of work included all civil works associated with pond design, structural, mechanical, and hydraulic, electrical and instrumentation work associated with the design and engineering of the BTS.

The project included deep groundwater abstraction bores, overland bore brine transfer pipelines, on-lake transfer pump stations, pond pump stations, and associated infrastructure to service the pump stations.

On completion of the project, Tetra Tech Proteus has not only provided the client with a fit for purpose technical design for the project, but has also provided invaluable technical knowledge to the client to ensure smooth operation, maintenance and upgrades to the mine site.


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