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Client name: Roy Hill Iron Ore

Location: Roy Hill, Newman WA

Services provided:

  • Hydrological and hydraulic modelling and reporting
  • Geotechnical testing and slope stability evaluation
  • Detailed Civil Design
  • Construction drawings and documentation

Roy Hill Iron Ore Kulbee Creek Diversion Drain

The Roy Hill Project lies on the flat plains at the eastern end of the Chichester Range. This project involved Tetra Tech Proteus developing diversion channels and levees to protect mine infrastructure from flooding. In all, two channels, 4 flood levees and a major diversion of Kulbee Creek were included.

Temporary flood structures were designed for the 1 in a 100-year average recurrence interval. Permanent structures were designed for a 1 in 1000-year average recurrence interval.

Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) was used to model the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) to provide criteria for the design of the Kulbee Creek diversion.

Scope of Works

Tetra Tech undertook the complete investigation and design package for these works, including Geotechnical, Hydrological, Hydraulic and Civil design, including:

    • Hydrological and hydraulic calculations
    • Geotechnical testing and slope stability evaluation of the route of Kulbee Creek
    • Design and detailing of all the civil design components of the works
    • Construction drawings and documentation.
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