Interview with Greg Campbell – Principal Process Engineer and Practice Lead

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Greg Campbell is a chemical engineer with more than 30 years’ experience. He holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Newcastle and since joining Tetra Tech Proteus in 2018 he has worked in partnership with clients to effectively manage their projects and the associated challenges.  Greg provides expertise in helping clients align services with their long-term project needs, ultimately bringing their projects to life.

What led you to a career as a Project Manager in engineering?

I enjoy the many and varied stages of project management and helping my clients bring their project to life.

Having worked both client side and the consulting side, I recognise the pressures and challenges for both parties and what it takes to make a successful and outcome driven project partnership and team.

What does a typical Project Manager in engineering involve?

Good project management is all about building solid relationships and establishing trust with your clients and partner suppliers.

As an Engineer it is crucial to understand a clients long term strategy, their pain points and what they want to achieve in the short and long term. At Tetra Tech Proteus we get that, and we pride ourselves on building those long and enduring partnerships. From hosting regular meetings with clients, taking briefs, visiting a project or mining site and talking to our people and suppliers. It’s all part and parcel of making sure every aspect of a project is on track.

What considerations are included when working on projects in different regions?

At Tetra Tech Proteus we are fortunate to have clients across the globe, in many different countries and geographical areas.  This does pose a number of challenges ranging from language barriers, different cultural approaches, as well as the physicality of remote locations.

Professionally this provides us with exciting challenges. We are proud of the fact that Australian operations have a leading reputation in sustainable mining projects and we are respected for our approaches. Our experience working across multiple countries and demanding project environments positions us well to support the unique requirements of our clients.

What are some of the major challenges and complexities facing projects today?

Environmental and Social Governance is a crucial part of any mining project. The approach and framework needs to be well thought out and planned as part of the overall strategy to be integrated into all aspects of what we do.

In any mining project both the client and consulting suppliers need to consider the potential impacts to the local community, and always be looking to find new ways to ensure that we give back and are inclusive of the communities.

In my opinion it is always important to help people understand the benefits that mining can bring to the community and local economy. It is always a privilege to work with a client on a long-term project and at the end look back and see not only the project delivered, but the employment and sustainable benefits it provides on so many levels.

What changes have you seen during your career?

Throughout my career, I have seen many positive changes in our industry. It has become highly digitised and automated, and the evolution of technology has been great to witness. In my space, bringing a clients’ project to life allows us to provide far more data in the planning process.

Our industry is now much more diverse. Embracing people whose contribution make our industry much richer and more inclusive is fantastic and I hope it continues.

I am also pleased to see so many employers, like Tetra Tech Proteus, embracing flexibility in the workplace. This has allowed my family and me the work life balance I need to have a rewarding career, whilst also being available to support my family.

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