Interview with Johann Pretorius – Principal Project Delivery

Peter Duong, Johann Pretorius & Zoran Grubic on a site visit

Project Delivery Man­­agers are the face of Tetra Tech Proteus to every client and we are proud of the people who ensure that our project work is done to the highest standards of quality and financial outcomes. Here Johann Pretorius, Principal Project Delivery shares insights into the team behind some of the largest projects in mining today.

Johann, who joined Tetra Tech in 2021, is a Principal in Project Delivery in our office in Perth, Western Australia. He has more than 20 years’ experience as a consultant and technical specialist. Throughout his career, he has managed projects for mining, brownfields, and processing projects for industrial and mining clients.

What is this team you lead?

The Project Delivery team is a dual sided team with two main functions – the internal project delivery and the external project delivery.

Internally we have a team of specialists who are dedicated to helping our Project Managers with delivering their projects and freeing up their time to support clients.

Our Project Managers on the external side need to be able to deliver the projects to the clients.

Our structure is 100% focused on creating efficiencies and client-driven outcomes.

How big is the team?

Currently we have eight specialists, four internal and four on the external side and we are still growing.

What are some of the technical backgrounds or industry experience the team have?

It’s a very diverse team which is great because our clients and projects are so wide ranging and vast. Team members come from mechanical, civil, structural, electrical, and process engineering backgrounds with additional experience in project and financial management. We are a very well-rounded team with amazing depth of experience and expertise.

Some of our newer members have experience in scheduling and cost planning, and this skill set is a great asset to assist the team with scheduling, monitoring and controlling of the various projects. On every project you need to schedule the work and determine the required resources associated with the project schedule. Our experienced schedulers provide this added layer of assurance to keep everything running to a dial.

What was the main driver to getting this team started?

It’s all thinking beyond the project – getting the right people in the right places to better support each other on the job and be more available to help the client. Our people work on complex, challenging projects and we need them to be one hundred percent focused on the job at hand.

Today – where can we find your team?

We have people everywhere!  Covid-19 has been a little tricky, but we have been doing our best to work with clients within the current parameters. We have some sites on mineral processing plants, non-process infrastructure and we have just been engaged to work on a strategic fuel storage facility in Darwin.  It’s not just mineral processing either, we’ve got a dust suppression project and then some work on an 80-kilometre pipeline in the Northern Territory. We are also doing work on brownfields projects so there is a wide range of projects. Whether it’s in the gold industry or whether it’s in copper, there is a very wide range of product projects that we’re looking at.

I’m proud of our team, we just really get a buzz out of bringing together the best Project Delivery team to help our clients bring their projects to life.

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