Interview with Zoran Grubic – Principal Electrical Engineer and Practice Lead

Peter Duong, Johann Pretorius & Zoran Grubic on a site visit

A Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and a curiosity for looking into complex problems, Zoran Grubic is helping clients around the world to help solve the challenges they face in our world today.

What led you to a career as an Electrical Engineer?

From a very early age I have always had a curiosity in ‘how things work’ and through engineering I have a career which is always challenging me to find solutions to fix complex problems.

After I finished university, I worked in the coal industry where my passion for mining really started. In early 2007 I jumped at the opportunity to move to Perth in West Australia and was fortunate to be front and centre when mining operations underwent significant transformation and expansion.

I really enjoy working with clients to understand their challenges and see projects come to life. Now with over 15 years’ working in the industry, I can’t imagine doing anything else.

What does a typical project involve?

In my role as Principal Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer, I get the best of both worlds. I get to develop the strategy for projects as well as work on project feasibilities, and whether it will be successful or not.

I really enjoy the Detailed Design aspect of my role; it gives me scope to really work closely with the client designing end to end solutions for their project or plant.

What considerations are included when working on projects in different geographic regions?

Our clients and their projects can be all over the world and it really requires us all to have a ‘global mindset’ approach. At Tetra Tech Proteus we have clients not only in Australia but in various parts of the world.

Our expertise can go anywhere and helping clients in these regions requires us to form a deep understanding of local approaches to culture. Adapting to in country standards and specifications that they use to design, and adherence is also essential.

What are some of the major challenges and complexities facing projects today?

Clients come to us because we can guide them to the best possible solutions. The challenge for us in delivering a full life cycle is to quickly build an understanding of the client and then form a plan to address their challenges and what they want to achieve on manly levels.

 What changes have you seen during your career?

The advances in technology and how these enhance engineering solutions are vastly different from what was delivered ten years ago. Our ability to improve efficiency for a client or a project – now through the many software applications is an advancement I have really enjoyed seeing evolve.

Technology is also helping us to better connect with clients and my Tetra Tech colleagues. While nothing will replace meeting with a client face to face on a site, technology is allowing us to remain connected and manage projects all around the world, which is just great.

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