New Technology: 3D Visualisation, Flythroughs and Virtual Reality, with insights from Wendy Humboldt

Leading the way in 3D Visualisation, Flythroughs and Virtual Reality.

Tetra Tech Proteus is Leading with ScienceTM by integrating 3D imaging, flythrough and virtual reality technology to deliver higher quality services to our clients. Wendy Humboldt is a Lead Structural Designer with Tetra Tech Proteus who in recent years, has been developing ways to streamline the design process by using 3D modelling and visualisation technologies, delivering significant benefits for our clients in terms of deadlines, financing and so much more.

From 3D images, to fly through videos and even virtual reality walkthroughs, Tetra Tech Proteus is delivering stand-out design and marketing tools for our clients.

3D Imaging

The first, and most important stage, of any visualisation is imaging. Tetra Tech Proteus been using Bentley Systems software for over 20 years, and to date, the highest quality images that have been delivered have been from this software.

The software was used to render high resolution images of the Kvanefjeld project in Greenland and integrated them into Google Earth imaging to showcase the project in its real-world environment. The client used these images in consultation presentations to the local communities to demonstrate how minimal the impact would be on the surrounding environment. These images were part of the presentation submitted to the Bentley Be Inspired Awards in London, which won Tetra Tech Proteus the Innovation in Mining Award.

Flying high through project designs

While still images have provided our clients with an idea of what their project will look like, the most powerful tool that Tetra Tech Proteus is innovating with is our 3D flythrough videos. These have been successfully used at all stages of our projects as they are a powerful communication tool, particularly to non-technical stakeholders.

Building on the information from our 3D models, these videos provide unparalleled visualisation of our designs from multiple angles and perspectives. By giving our clients the ability to conceptualise these projects in a virtual space, they are in a better position to make decisions and even changes early on in the design process, avoiding costly expenditures and delays further down the track.

One such example of our flythrough videos is of the Mt Todd project in the Northern Territory, Australia which was done through Bentley’s package software, LumenRT. These flythroughs have also been used by our clients on numerous occasions to stand out in a competitive market to attract project funding.

Stepping into the virtual world

Taking a step beyond the immersive 3D flythrough, Tetra Tech Proteus have also used virtual reality (VR) technology to showcase our work in greater detail.

For our work on the Talison Lithium project in Western Australia, our Design team created a virtual 3D model, which we integrated with a VR headset. We were able to walk our clients through this model as if they were standing on site, which proved to be a huge benefit for the client’s ability to conceptualise the work being done.

Adding VR technology to our repertoire has not only improved our clients’ understanding of what projects will look like, but it also helps our team, who are able to virtually walk through the proposed installation and identify safety and operational hazards before finalizing the design. Moving forward, VR technology could become a leading asset in the design process not only for Tetra Tech, but for the engineering industry as a whole.

3D imaging and the future

Seeing the benefits of its applications in all facets of service delivery, Tetra Tech Proteus continues to expand and grow its offering in this space. In doing so it has afforded the opportunity and the means to develop skills and integrate new technologies as part of the capabilities we offer to our clients. While this imaging software has provided significant benefits for clients in terms of cost-effectiveness and saving time, we have continued to find new and innovative ways to utilise this technology and improve the way we design and innovate.

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